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7L8 616 503 B Air Suspension Shock Absorber For Audi Q71 Car Parts

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7L8 616 503 B Air Suspension Shock Absorber For Audi Q71 Car Parts

7L8 616 503 B Air Suspension Shock Absorber For Audi Q71 Car Parts
7L8 616 503 B Air Suspension Shock Absorber For Audi Q71 Car Parts 7L8 616 503 B Air Suspension Shock Absorber For Audi Q71 Car Parts 7L8 616 503 B Air Suspension Shock Absorber For Audi Q71 Car Parts 7L8 616 503 B Air Suspension Shock Absorber For Audi Q71 Car Parts

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Tibao , KEIVEN
Certification: ISO9001/TUV
Model Number: 7L8 616 503 B
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 5 pcs
Price: USD70-106/pc
Packaging Details: TiBAO boxes, neutral boxes ,customized
Delivery Time: 4-20 work day
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, MoneyGram, Western Union
Supply Ability: 35,000 pcs per month

7L8 616 503 B Air Suspension Shock Absorber For Audi Q71 Car Parts

Type: Audi Q71 Air Spring Position: Rear Axle Right/Left
Car Make: Audi Q71 Weight: 5 Kgs
Product Name: Auto Parts Wholesale Air Ride Suspension Spring Air Bellows For Q7 Rubber Air Spring OEM 7L8616503B Material: Steel + Rubber
OE: 7L8616503B, 7L8616019D, 7L8616020D, 7L5616503F
High Light:

Audi Air Suspension Shock Absorber


Q71 Air Suspension Shock Absorber


7L8 616 503 B Shock Absorber

Air Ride Spring For Audi Q71 Car Parts Air Spring 7L8 616 503 B

Auto Parts Air Ride Suspension Spring Air Bellows for Q7 Rubber Air Spring OEM 7L8616503B


Quick Details:

Rear Air Suspension Spring For AUDI Q7 7L8616503B


Model: For Q7 Touarge Front Left 957 2002-2010



95535850300, 95535850310, 95535850320, 95535850321, 95535850330, 95535850331, 95535850340, 7L6616503B, 7L6616503, 7L5616503F, 7L5616503B, 7L5616503, 4L0616503, 7L8616503B


7L8 616 503, 7L8616503B, 7L6 616 503, 7L6616503B, 4L0 616 503, 4L0616503, 7L5 616 503, 7L5616503F, 7L6 616 019, 7L6616019D, 7L6616019E, 7L6 616 020, 7L6616020D, 7L6616020E, 7L6616020A


Condition: Brand New


Material: Rubber Steel Aluminum


Application: For Q7 2003-2010


Warranty: 12 months


Delivery: 3-7 days after receiving payment


Gross Weight: 6KG


Car Model
Product name
Air repair kit
Air Suspension Spring
Steel, Aluminum,Rubber,Plastic


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7L8 616 503 B Air Suspension Shock Absorber For Audi Q71 Car Parts 0


Size: OEM Standard Warranty: 1 Year
Description: Air Ride Rubber Spring Shock Audi Q71 Car Models: Audi Q71
OEM NO.: 7L8 616 503 B Condition: Brand New
Product Name: Audi Q71 Air Sring    
High Light:

Audi Q71 Air Sring




Condition: Brand New


Fitting Position: Back Left/Right


Material: Rubber Steel Aluminum


Warranty: 12 months



AUDI 4L0616503
AUDI 7L5616503F
AUDI 7L6616503B
AUDI 7L8616503B
PORSCHE 95535850300
PORSCHE 95535850310
PORSCHE 95535850320
PORSCHE 95535850321
PORSCHE 95535850330
PORSCHE 95535850331
PORSCHE 95535850340
VW 7L5616503
VW 7L5616503B
VW 7L5616503F
VW 7L6616503
VW 7L6616503B



Air Spring

An air spring is a rubber and fabric bladder that holds air pressure to support a load and isolate passengers and cargo from the shock of motion caused by road irregularities. As the air pressure increases, the air spring can support more load while the spring rate increases. The larger the air spring, the greater the maximum load it can support.


The Advantages and Features of Air Spring


1. Reduce Poor Braking and Steering


The two front tires bear the majority of braking and steering. Air spring ensures that weight is properly distributed to all four tires for optimal braking and steering.


2. Eliminate Rough Ride


Progressive rate air springs significantly improve ride quality by better absorbing road inputs, while keeping your tires on the road for better handling.

7L8 616 503 B Air Suspension Shock Absorber For Audi Q71 Car Parts 1

7L8 616 503 B Air Suspension Shock Absorber For Audi Q71 Car Parts 2

Company Information:


TiBAO Global is a international ecological platform for automobile maintenance. Its business scope includes the production and sales of automobile parts and lubricants, automobile maintenance technology consulting, event service support and expansion, etc. Through M & A, TiBAO Global has possessed the supply and sales capacity of all series of auto parts and all kinds of lubricants. T.G. Autoteile GmbH, located in Bonn, Germany, is a branch of TiBAO Global and mainly in charge of global automotive parts and lubricants. Its brand TiBAO is famous and trusted in Europe, America and the Middle East for their high-quality German car parts.


As TiBAO Global’s overseas Operations Center for automotive parts, Guangzhou Hengqiu Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. (located in China) Is widely known in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Combined with Keiven TiBAO Limited in West Africa and TiBAO Auto Spare Parts Limited in Dubai, they build up a global marketing system for TiBAO and are honored as a global base of all series of auto parts.


In 2016, TiBAO Global officially brought its flagship product TiBAO lubricants to the Asian market, providing professional lubricants and technical support services with German quality assurance and original qualifications for the rigorous auto repair organizations and car owners who have the ultimate pursuit of car performance. TiBAO lubricant products include: engine lubricating oil, transmission lubricating oil, special lubricating oil for transmission system, etc. With many years of research and development experience of German engineers, we also have developed professional lubricants for racing drivers and teams.In the international arena, TiBAO Lubricants signed up to become the sponsor of Tianshi Racing team. TiBAO Lubricants helped the team to get on the podium in the international circuits of China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, etc., and was recognized and favored by professional racing teams and top drivers.


In 2019, TiBAO signed a contract with German Knauber Group to become strategic partners. In the same year, TiBAO lubricants obtained the approval certification of EELQMS (European Engine Lubricants Quality Management System) as well as Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen. It also won the award of "excellent imported lubricating oil brand in 2019" at the 20th Automotive Aftermarket Summit.


TiBAO Global's vision is to build a global automobile maintenance ecological platform with global procurement, global sales, global investment and global co construction. The global pattern is agile and flat. Our mission is to keep every car in the best condition as we can.


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1. Rubber Bushing

2. RTV silicone

3. CV joint

4. Expansion Tank

5. Water Pump

6. Bearing

7. Shock Absorber and Air suspension spring

8. Filter

9. Fuel Pump

10. Spark Plug

11. Drive Shaft

12. Control arm




Our Values:

TiBAO contains wisdom, creativity, excellent quality , exquisite craftsmanship, rigorous and pragmatic, excellence ,and attitude to strive to perfect!

“Innovation, quality, service. This is our way!”

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Contact :


Contact Name: Alice /Mr Keiven


Whatsapp: +86-185 2004 8554

Tel: 0086-20-8639 5953

Office Address: Room 638, No.158 Guangyuan Middle Rd., Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.



Air Suspenson Shock Absorber/Air Strut/Air Ride Suspension/Air Spring/Air Bellow/Air Bag


Air Suspension Shock Absorber
W230 2303200438 2303200338 2303208613 2303208513
W251 2513201931 2513200025 2513203013 2513203113
W164 1643206013 1643206113 1643204613 1643200625
W220(4 Matic) 2203202238 2203202138
W220 2203202438 2203205013 223205113 2203202438
W221(4 Matic) 2213200438 2213200538
W221 2213205613 2213205513 221204913 2203205113
W211 Front 2113206113 2113206013 2113209313 2113209413
W211 Rear 2113200725 2113200825 2113201525 2113201625
W212 Rear 2123203925 2123204025 2123200725 2123200825
Air Suspension Shock Absorber
F01 F02 37126791675 37126791676 37126796929 37126796930
E66(with ADS) 37126785535 37126785536
E65 E66 37126785537 37126785538
X5 E53 Front 37116757501 37116757502 37116761443 37116761444
X5 E53 Rear 37126750355 37126750356 37121095579 37121095580
E39 37121094614 37121095082
X5 F15 X6 F16 37126795013 37126795014
E60 E61 37126765602 37126765603
E70 E71 E72 37126790078 37126790081 37126790082 37126790083
Air Spring Air Suspension Shock Absorber
RRover RNB000740G RNB000750G RNB501520 RNB501530
RRover Sport LR019993 LR052866 LR032647 LR018190 LR018172 LR018376
Discovery 3 RNB501320 RNB500493 LR016415 LR016414 LR016416
RRover HSE LR032567 LR012885 LR032570 LR032560 LR012859 LR032563
RRover Sport, Discovery 3 RNB501580 RNB501180 RTD501090 RDP500433 RDP500434
RRover; RRover Sport LR060137 LR072460 LR038813
Air Suspension Air springs Shock Absorber
A6 C5 Front 4Z7413031A 4Z7616051D/B 4Z7698507
A6 C5 Rear 4Z7616051A 4Z7513031A 4Z7616019A 4Z7616052A 4Z7513032A 4Z7616020A
A6 4F C6 AVANT) 4F0616039AA 4F0616040AA 4F0616039 4F0616040
A6 C6 4F Rear 4F0616001 4F0616001J
Q7 (Front) 7L6616039D 7L6616040D
Q7 (Rear) 7L5616019D 7L5616020D
Q7(Front) 7P6616039N 7P6616040N
A8 4E0616039AF 4E0616040AF 4E0616039T 4E0616040T
A8 D4 4H0616039AD 4H0616040AD
Phaeton(Front) 3D0616039D 3D0616040D 3D0616001J 3D0616002J


Other Air Suspension Compressor Parts Number


Air Suspension Compressor Pumps


Air Suspension Compressor
W221 2213200704 2213200604
W220 2203200104 2113200304
W164 1643201204 1643200204 1643200504
W166 1663200104 1663200204
W251 2513202704 2513202604 2513201204
W212 2123200404 2123200104
Air Suspension Pump
X5 E53 37226787616 37221092349 37226778773
E39 E65 E66 37226787616
X5 E70 X6 E71 E72 37226775479 37206789938 37226785506
F01 F02 37206789450 37206864215
Air Suspension Air Compressor
RRover L322 LR0060201 RQL000014
RRover 2006-2012 LR02511 LR010375 LR015089 LR041777 LR025111
Discovery LR045251
Discovery 3 4 RRover Sport LR023964 LR072537 LR015303
Air Suspension Air Pump
A6 4B C5 Allroad 8W1Z5319A 4Z7616007 F6AZ5319AA
A6 4F C6 AVANT) 4F0616005E 4F0616006A 4F0616005D
Q7 Cayenne Touareg 4L0698007A 4L0698007B 4L0698007
A8 4E0616005D
A6 C5 4Z7616007A
A6 4F0616005D




Contact Details
Guangzhou Hengqiu Import & Export Trading Limited Corporation

Contact Person: Sales Manager

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