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11427788462 Automotive Engine Oil Coolers For X3 X5 X6 E46 E53

China Guangzhou Hengqiu Import & Export Trading Limited Corporation certification
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11427788462 Automotive Engine Oil Coolers For X3 X5 X6 E46 E53

11427788462 Automotive Engine Oil Coolers For X3 X5 X6 E46 E53
11427788462 Automotive Engine Oil Coolers For X3 X5 X6 E46 E53 11427788462 Automotive Engine Oil Coolers For X3 X5 X6 E46 E53

Large Image :  11427788462 Automotive Engine Oil Coolers For X3 X5 X6 E46 E53

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Guangdong,China
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: X5 (E70)
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 5 piece
Price: Negotiate
Packaging Details: TIBAO BOX, Customized, Polybag
Delivery Time: 5-28 day
Payment Terms: D/P, D/A, Western Union, L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 22000pcs per month

11427788462 Automotive Engine Oil Coolers For X3 X5 X6 E46 E53

OE NO.: 11 42 7 788 462 OEM: 0915-03001, 90915-10001, 08922-02001, 15600-16010, 90080 91210
Brand Name: TIBAO Warranty: 12 Months
MOQ: 5 Pcs Condition: 100% New
Quality: ORIGINAL QUALITY Packing: Neutral Packing/Clients Requested
High Light:

E53 Automotive Engine Oil Coolers


X3 Automotive Engine Oil Coolers



OE11 42 7 788 462 7788462 11427788462 Engine Oil Oil Cooler For X3 X5 X6 E46 E53 E60 E61 E63 E64 E65 E66 E67

TiBAO is a Leading top brand focus on the export of spare parts for premium European cars of the brands:

BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi,Porsche, Land Rover, Volkswagen, etc.


11427788462 Automotive Engine Oil Coolers For X3 X5 X6 E46 E53 0


Quick details and Overview

Engine oil cooler for BMW 5 11427788462 7788462 11 42 7 788 462


OEM No. Ref.
0915-03001, 90915-10001, 08922-02001, 15600-16010, 90080 91210, 90915-YZZD2,90915-10001,08922-02001,15600-16010,90080 91210,90915-YZZD2

ADM 52120, LVFL 762, Z 535, GFE 675, SP 1602, PH10338, OP 675/1, W712/19, W68/80, W68/1, 09060, 4318500509, DP1110.11.0054, WG1438428, WG1379105, DP1110.11.0040,

LVFL 762,Z 535,GFE 675,SP 1602,PH10338,OP 675/1,W712/19,W68/80,W68/1,09060,4318500509,DP1110.11.0054,WG1438428,



Car Fitment Model Year Engine
Toyota CAMRY Liftback (_V1_) 1983-1988 1.8 Turbo-D (CV10_), 2.7 (TGN111_, TGN121_), 1.8 16V TS (ZZT231_), 2.4 i 4WD, 2.7 (TGN16), 1.6 (AE101_), 3.0 Turbo (MA70_), 3.0 24V (MA70_), 1.5 (EL54_), 1.8 VVTi, 1.5 (NCP12_), 3.3 (MCV31_), 3.0 (MCV36), 1.5, 3.0 4WD (MCU25_), 3.3 Hybrid (MHU23_), 3.3 Hybrid 4WD (MHU28_), 2.7 VVTi (TRH201, TRH221), 2.2 (ST184), 2.0 Turbo 4WD (ST185), 2.2, 1.6 (AT180), 2.4 (ACV40), 1.8 Hybrid (ZVW50_, ZVW51_), 1.8 Turbo-D (CV10_), 1.6 (AE82), 1.6 (AE92), 1.8 Hybrid (ZVW3_), 1.6, 3.3 (MCV31_), 1.5 (EL54_), 3.0 i Bi-Turbo (JZA80_), 1.8 VVTi (ZRE142), 2.4 4WD (ACR38), 2.4 (ACA33), 2.4 D 4WD (LN6_), 4.7 (UZJ100_), 2.0 4WD (ACA21, ACA20), 1.5 Hybrid, 2.7 (TGN111_, TGN121_), 2.0 4WD (SXA10), 2, 1.6 16V (AW11), 1.8 16V VT-i (ZZW30), 1.5 (EL53_), 1.3 (SCP12_)
CAMRY Saloon (_V1_) 1983-1988 1.8 Turbo-D (CV10_)
CAMRY Saloon (_V3_) 2001-2006 3.0 (MCV36)
3.3 (MCV31_)
CAMRY Saloon (_V4_) 2006-2011, 1991-1999, 2000-2007, 1987-1995, 1989-1994, 1983-1988, 2001-2006, 1988-1999, 1999-2006, 1983-1988, 1982-1989, 1994-2000, 2015-, 2006-, 1997-2002, 2002-2007, 1999-2006, 1994-1999, 2015-, 1998-2007, 2011-, 1983-1989, 2015-, 2009-, 1996-1998, 1988-1995, 1993-2002, 2004-, 1995-1999, 2004-, 2003-2008, 2005-, 1999-2007, 1984-1990, 2000-2005, 1986-1993, 1999-2005 2.4 (ACV40)
CELICA Coupe (_T18_) 1989-1994 1.6 (AT180)
2.0 Turbo 4WD (ST185)
2.2 (ST184)
CELICA Coupe (_T23_) 1999-2006 1.8 16V TS (ZZT231_)
COROLLA (_E10_) 1991-1999 1.6 (AE101_)
COROLLA (_E11_) 1997-2002 1.6
COROLLA Liftback (_E8_) 1982-1989 1.6 (AE82)
COROLLA Saloon (_E15_) 2006- 1.8 VVTi (ZRE142)
COROLLA Station Wagon (_E9_) 1987-1995 1.6 (AE92)
ECHO Saloon (_P1_) 1999-2006 1.5 (NCP12_)
HIACE V Box (TRH2_, KDH2_) 2004- 2.7 VVTi (TRH201, TRH221)
HIGHLANDER / KLUGER (_U2_) 2000-2007 3.0 4WD (MCU25_)
3.3 Hybrid (MHU23_)
3.3 Hybrid 4WD (MHU28_)
HILUX IV Pickup (_N5_, _N6_) 1983-1989 2.4 D 4WD (LN6_)
HILUX V Pickup (_N_, KZN1_, VZN1_) 1988-1999 2.4 i 4WD
HILUX VII Pickup (_N1_, _N2_, _N3_) 2004- 2.7 (TGN16)
HILUX VIII Pickup (_N1_) 2015- 2.7 (TGN111_, TGN121_)
HILUX VIII Platform/Chassis (_N1_) 2015- 2.7 (TGN111_, TGN121_)
MATRIX (_E13_) 2002-2007 1.8 VVTi
MR 2 I (AW1_) 1984-1990 1.6 16V (AW11)
MR 2 III (ZZW3_) 1999-2007 1.8 16V VT-i (ZZW30)
PASEO Convertible (EL54_) 1996-1998 1.5 (EL54_)
PASEO Coupe (EL44_) 1988-1995 1.5
PASEO Coupe (EL54_) 1995-1999 1.5 (EL54_)
PRADO (_J1_) 1998-2007 4.7 (UZJ100_)
PRIUS (_W3_) 2009- 1.8 Hybrid (ZVW3_)
PRIUS (_W5_) 2015- 1.8 Hybrid (ZVW50_, ZVW51_)
PRIUS C (NHP10_) 2011- 1.5 Hybrid
RAV 4 I (_A1_), CAMRY Saloon (_V4_), RAV 4 III (_A3_), CAMRY Saloon (_V1_), SUPRA (_A7_), PRIUS (_W5_), SUPRA (_A8_), PASEO Convertible (EL54_), ECHO Saloon (_P1_), CELICA Coupe (_T23_), SOLARA Convertible (_V3_), COROLLA (_E10_), HILUX IV Pickup (_N5_, _N6_), COROLLA Liftback (_E8_), HIGHLANDER / KLUGER (_U2_), HILUX VIII Platform/Chassis (_N1_), HILUX V Pickup (_N_, KZN1_, VZN1_), YARIS (_P1_), COROLLA Station Wagon (_E9_), PASEO Coupe (EL44_), PRIUS C (NHP10_), HILUX VIII Pickup (_N1_), COROLLA Saloon (_E15_), MATRIX (_E13_), RAV 4 II (_A2_), CAMRY Liftback (_V1_), COROLLA (_E11_), HIACE V Box (TRH2_, KDH2_), HILUX VII Pickup (_N1_, _N2_, _N3_), MR 2 I (AW1_), PRIUS (_W3_), CAMRY Saloon (_V3_), PRADO (_J1_), CELICA Coupe (_T18_), PASEO Coupe (EL54_), MR 2 III (ZZW3_), TERCEL Saloon (_L5_) 1994-2000 2
2.0 4WD (SXA10)
RAV 4 II (_A2_) 2000-2005 2.0 4WD (ACA21, ACA20)
RAV 4 III (_A3_) 2005- 2.4 (ACA33)
2.4 4WD (ACR38)
SOLARA Convertible (_V3_) 2003-2008 3.3 (MCV31_)
SUPRA (_A7_) 1986-1993 3.0 24V (MA70_)
3.0 Turbo (MA70_)
SUPRA (_A8_) 1993-2002 3.0 i Bi-Turbo (JZA80_)
TERCEL Saloon (_L5_) 1994-1999 1.5 (EL53_)
YARIS (_P1_) 1999-2005 1.3 (SCP12_)


Compatible applications

BMW 3 Saloon (E46) (1998/02 - 2005/04)
BMW 3 Coupe (E46) (1999/04 - 2006/07)
BMW 3 Touring (E46) (1999/10 - 2005/02)
BMW X5 (E53) (2000/05 - 2006/12)
BMW 3 Convertible (E46) (2000/04 - 2007/12)
BMW 7 (E65, E66, E67) (2001/11 - /)
BMW 5 Saloon (E60) (2003/07 - 2010/03)
BMW 5 Touring (E61) (2004/06 - /)
BMW X3 (E83) (2004/01 - /)
BMW 6 (E63) (2004/01 - /)
BMW 6 Convertible (E64) (2004/04 - /)
BMW 3 Saloon (E90) (2005/01 - 2011/12)
BMW 3 Touring (E91) (2005/09 - 2012/06)
BMW 3 Coupe (E92) (2006/06 - /)
BMW 3 Convertible (E93) (2006/08 - /)
BMW X5 (E70) (2007/02 - 2013/06)
BMW X6 (E71, E72) (2008/05 - /)
11427788462 Automotive Engine Oil Coolers For X3 X5 X6 E46 E53 1


Oil Cooler
The oil cooler aides in cooling down the engine oil traveling through the oil filter, through use of the coolant system. The oil cooler functions similar to the radiator, as the coolant flows through the cooler, the heat dissipates from the engine oil and transfers to the coolant and to the radiator. The most common failures of the oil cooler are leaks, which lead to a mix of coolant and engine oil. This oil cooler does not include the gasket or securing nut. Be sure to pick up everything you need to get the job done quickly and correctly.
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Car Model
For X3 X5 X6 E46 E53 E60 E61 E63



Product Name
oil cooler
for BMW X3 X5 E70
OEM Number
TIBAO Package or Normal Package or Customer Package
ISO 14001: 2004/TS 16949:2009
Perfect Performance
1 Piece
High Quality
TT Westem Union Alipay Paypal

Be worthy of your trust ●High-quality replacement parts ●Fast&Safe shipping ●100% tested for reliability and performannce ●Fit and Quality Guaranteed ●Ensures product service,quality, and long-lasting durability ●Brand New Manufactured with New Premium Quality Components ●100% new construction ●Safe and Secure Purchasing System and complete After Sales Systems ●100% Satisfaction Guarantee

11427788462 Automotive Engine Oil Coolers For X3 X5 X6 E46 E53 2


BMW 11427788462
VOLVO 0702.4015
VOLVO 11427788462
VOLVO 90905


BMW 11427788462
BMW 7788462


Company profile


TiBAO Global is a international ecological platform for automobile maintenance. Its business scope includes the production and sales of automobile parts and lubricants, automobile maintenance technology consulting, event service support and expansion, etc. Through M & A, TiBAO Global has possessed the supply and sales capacity of all series of auto parts and all kinds of lubricants. T.G. Autoteile GmbH, located in Bonn, Germany, is a branch of TiBAO Global and mainly in charge of global automotive parts and lubricants. Its brand TiBAO is famous and trusted in Europe, America and the Middle East for their high-quality German car parts.


As TiBAO Global’s overseas Operations Center for automotive parts, Guangzhou Hengqiu Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. (located in China) Is widely known in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Combined with Keiven TiBAO Limited in West Africa and TiBAO Auto Spare Parts Limited in Dubai, they build up a global marketing system for TiBAO and are honored as a global base of all series of auto parts.


In 2016, TiBAO Global officially brought its flagship product TiBAO lubricants to the Asian market, providing professional lubricants and technical support services with German quality assurance and original qualifications for the rigorous auto repair organizations and car owners who have the ultimate pursuit of car performance. TiBAO lubricant products include: engine lubricating oil, transmission lubricating oil, special lubricating oil for transmission system, etc. With many years of research and development experience of German engineers, we also have developed professional lubricants for racing drivers and teams.In the international arena, TiBAO Lubricants signed up to become the sponsor of Tianshi Racing team. TiBAO Lubricants helped the team to get on the podium in the international circuits of China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, etc., and was recognized and favored by professional racing teams and top drivers.


In 2019, TiBAO signed a contract with German Knauber Group to become strategic partners. In the same year, TiBAO lubricants obtained the approval certification of EELQMS (European Engine Lubricants Quality Management System) as well as Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen. It also won the award of "excellent imported lubricating oil brand in 2019" at the 20th Automotive Aftermarket Summit.


TiBAO Global's vision is to build a global automobile maintenance ecological platform with global procurement, global sales, global investment and global co construction. The global pattern is agile and flat. Our mission is to keep every car in the best condition as we can.



11427788462 Automotive Engine Oil Coolers For X3 X5 X6 E46 E53 3





11427788462 Automotive Engine Oil Coolers For X3 X5 X6 E46 E53 4



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11427788462 Automotive Engine Oil Coolers For X3 X5 X6 E46 E53 5



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